Make the Investment

in Your Future with PEAK Elevator™

The estimated initial total investment for a PEAK Elevator™ franchise ranges from $118,000 to $283,000 for a new franchise and $100,500 to $274,250 for a conversion franchise. This investment amount includes an initial franchise fee of $35,000 for new franchises or $17,500 to $26,250 for a conversion franchise. PEAK Elevator™ recognizes the importance of having adequate funding for your business, and we can assist you throughout the financing process.

Franchisees will pay royalty fees at 6% program-wide. These fees allow us to fund our ongoing support services and the continued development of services, marketing tools, training programs, and systems upgrades.

Franchisees will be required to spend a minimum of 0.5% of gross revenues on local marketing. Franchisees will also contribute up to 0.5% of gross revenues into the system marketing fund. Collected funds will be used to develop marketing strategies to promote the PEAK Elevator™ brand and fund the creative costs to develop local franchise marketing materials and campaigns.

If you are interested in learning more about opening an elevator service business with a PEAK Elevator™ franchise, click here to request more information, or contact us at 303.466.6231 / Option 5 or to discuss the possibility of setting up a meeting, speaking with key franchise management staff, and receiving our FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) which contains all the important details you will need to make an informed decision.